Website Builder

Website Garage allows you to take the reins so you can build the website that you have in mind.

Gone are the days when you have to use different platforms for different web hosting services. You can now do everything in one place!

All you need for a start is to pick the best website template that will suit what you have in mind. Once you have chosen the right template, you can add different features to make it unique and functional. Do not worry if you suddenly change your mind. Since our website builder offers convenience and control, you can easily change your options should you decide to use other features or templates instead.


Drag and Drop

The beauty of all these is that you can work on the changes without memorizing or finding a source where you can copy these codes. In fact, you can make changes by simply dragging and dropping the features that you want to appear on your website.

Images, Videos and Slideshows

You can provide your visitors with utmost information by adding important images, informative slideshows, and useful videos that will make interaction and communication between you and your possible clients a lot more effective.

Search Engine Optimised and ever so sociable

Social media widgets are also very useful so that you can instantly connect with your followers on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter. This also makes sharing contents from different social channels a lot easier and more convenient.

Most importantly, you will need to increase your online presence after you have launched your website. One of the best ways to do this is by making sure your website is optimized. Our website builder does not only provide you the tools to create the best site for your company. It also provides easy methods of optimization so that you can increase your search engine ranking.

Create Online Shops

Need to sell products or services online? We have all the widgets you need including Google Checkout and PayPal. This makes the buying and selling process on your website seamless.



Maps, Forms and more

Add functionality with just a few clicks and really bring your website to life! Simply drag and drop them onto your website. Add features such as Google Maps, forms, search and navigation menus.



Advanced Features

Add advanced features to your website by embedding custom CSS, HTML and Javascript.

We also have built-in CSS sofware for those who don’t know how to code. This allows you to create cool effects such as drop-shadows and gradients.
In short, our website builder has everything you need to create, launch, and maintain a successful website.