Make a unique website that holds the attention for more than five seconds.

Create your own design or use the templates provided by our website builder.

Dress up your own website with HTML5, CSS3 or Javascript – depending on the computer language you prefer. With this level of flexibility in terms of the supported codes, you can design a website in the manner that you prefer. This means complete control on the part of your commissioned website designer in the realization of design plans.

Get More Advanced Options

The Website Garage is a very flexible tool for making a website because you can use either ready templates or build the site from scratch. You can also combine both techniques by laying down the foundation with the help of the best website templates and then just fine tune everything else later on.

You can add widgets to your page using the wonders of HTML5. With the unrestricted CSS access, you can customize your text and embedded widgets as images, forms and maps and so on. Page scripts can even be added depending on your liking.

Whether you are a professional website designer working on your own website or an amateur still experimenting with templates, the Website Garage is here to help. All the tools that you will need to create an amazing website that is worth the attention of your target market.

HTML5 Access

Insert any HTML into the text widgets or embed widgets.

CSS Access

Each widget has a CSS panel so you can easily add CSS to your chosen widget to customise your forms, maps, text, images, background widgets and more.

Embed Widgets

Place the embed widget anywhere on your site and insert your code for the desired result.

Page Scripts

Add Site Wide or specific page scripts to take your site even further.