All of our ready-to-use features are in one place for your convenience

We offer a vast range of features so that you can get the most from your website – select the ones that suit you!

Plenty of features to make a great website

With each website that you create, you’ll have access to a broad range of useful features which you can easily drag-and-drop onto your template. We have a whole selection of web widgets designed and developed to make your website interactive, dynamic and unique. Web widgets are applications which are tailored to function around your website. BaseKit offers many widgets which aim to make your website as functional as possible.

Add Google Maps

Add Google Maps to your website by dragging and dropping the widget onto your page. Drop icons to show exactly where you’re located! Google maps also gives your visitor the option of a satellite or street view.

Add Forms

Need to integrate forms into your website? Simply drag and drop our form widget onto your website and fill in the details. We also provide a built-in database system which means you can collate all the information that you receive. Additionally, there is the option of having the information sent to you in an e-mail which you can then export to Microsoft Excel.

Your form can be displayed in a variety of ways:

  • Insert a text box which your visitor can fill in and submit.
  • Add a date picker so that your visitor can enter a date and submit.
  • Add drop-down boxes so that your visitor can select an option and submit.
  • Add star ratings so that your visitor can submit their rating


Add Slideshows

Display your photos in an impressive slideshow. It’s really easy to add a slideshow to your website. There are over 20 transitions to choose from and you can customise these to look exactly how you want!




Embed Anything

The embed widget allows you to embed custom Javascript, HTML and CSS.
This means you can add more advanced customisation options to make your website really stand out.
embed widgets.


Custom Layouts

Add columns to adjust the layout of your website and change row heights as you please. Unlike other website builders there are no limitations on how your website is set out and styled. Make it look exactly how you want!

Template Widgets

Our template widgets are designed to contain various widgets to display fixed content across multiple pages on your website – This could be a header or a footer. Editing this information will be automatically edited on every page saving you time.